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Straight from the Customer!

“Our little boy loves his pacifier and crawl around with it...and also throw it, so the sidekick is great to not let it drag or hit the ground.” –Brittany

“I love this Soother Sidekick because I don't worry about it coming off and choking my baby while he sleeps. The cord retracts when the binky comes out and the clip stays securely on his clothing. I've had problems with other clips tearing his clothing, but this clip is perfect. I would definitely buy this as a gift and a few more for my baby.” – Kellie

“Our Sidekick has saved our lives so many times on those long car rides! We don't leave home without it.” - Chrissy

“Our Evy baby loves her sidekick! She hasn't liked any other pacifier clip until her soother sidekick. I love it because it sticks right by her, doesn't get stuck under her arm, and is right by her in the middle of the night when we are all too tired to go searching. Thank you for such an amazing and cute product!” – Becca


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