What is a Soother Sidekick?

The Soother Sidekick is the only retractable pacifier clip on the market.

Why does it retract?

The retract keeps pacifiers from dropping, dragging, catching, and wrapping as you see with traditional, long pacifier clips. Check out more details in the About Us.

Will it pull out of my babies’ mouth?

The pull on the Sidekicks is a very low resistance, just strong enough to pull the pacifier back into place. The resistance is barely more resistance than the pacifier alone.

Will it work with our favorite soother?

Soother Sidekicks are made with a universal attachment.  While we cannot guarantee that it will work with every pacifier, we have yet to see one that can’t be attached!

Where are they made?

They are made in Utah, USA.

Do you Wholesale?

Yes, please contact us for additional details.


What is the fabric?

The fabric sleeve is made from high-quality athletic fabric.  This means: moisture-wicking, light-weight, stain-resistant, and durable.  We know babies are gross, so we designed our product accordingly. 

How do you wash them?

We recommend washing them by hand and hang drying.  If it happens to go through the washing machine (it happens 😳) it should hold up just fine.

What is the length?

When the sidekick is fully retracted it is 3” in length (not including the loop), then stretched to 8”.

What if it stops retracting?

We guarantee our products!  If your Sidekick stops retracting at any time, please contact us!  We are young and still growing, so we appreciate your patience and feedback!

Where can we tell you what we think?

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