About Me

Hello Friends!

We've decided to start a little blogging here and there, because as much as we love our Soother Sidekicks, there are a whole bunch of other things going on in this big world. And more than anything, this is a way to try to keep my big noodle thinking. You can read through the "About Me" section, which has some fun facts, but I'll just throw out some quick and dirty fun facts, and then we can feel like we are best friends!

  • I don't like Cantaloupe / Honey Dew or Yellow Mustard .
  • I could run a cash register by myself by age 5.

  • I'm more comfortable on snow skis than my own feet.

  • I really like TV shows. Always looking for a new Binge Watch

  • I started this business two weeks before I had my second baby in 18 months. Thanks for sticking with me 😁.



I would love to get to know you! What are your 5? Drop your comments down below!