My name is Alie Florence, and I am the founder of Soother Sidekicks.

This product was born out of a necessity to save the sanity of mothers everywhere. The lost soother epidemic is real, and I became victim to this epidemic as soon as my son was born.  He was a beautiful, sleepy, squishy baby who loved his soother and would make an adorable grunting noise whenever it would fall out.  As loving new parents we would just stick it back in his mouth and just awe at how perfect he was.  Since you are visiting my site, you know that it was not very adorable after a couple middle of the night grunting-turned-screaming episodes and the soother is nowhere to be found!  He couldn’t even move, how did it disappear?!

As he grew, so did his love of his soother and the problems with being able to find one.  Sure, we tried multiple different lanyards, but found that they were too long, or too short, or the clip was bulky, and they were always in the way.  Needless to say, we gave up on lanyards and stocked up on soothers.

Soother Sidekicks is the cure for the lost soother epidemic.  While that is a bold statement, I am sure you will quickly find it to be the truth as well.

The following features tell how Soother Sidekicks was designed with babies in mind:

·         The clip is sturdy and easy to use.  No more fussing with complicated mini suspender clips and breaking your fingernails in the process.

·         The fabric covering is made from a thin, moisture wicking, athletic fabric.  We know that babies are drooly and dirty, so a durable stain resistant fabric is a must.  We want all babies to keep smiling those wet, toothless grins, and we want you to keep enjoying them.

·         Most importantly, Soother Sidekicks retract.  The pull is light, and hardly noticed by babies while in use, but once the soother is no longer needed, it slowly retracts, and stays close regardless of the activity of the baby.  This way dangling soothers are a thing of the past. No more soother dragging along as your baby learns to crawl, or falling.

Thank you for reading this page and getting to know us a little bit better.  If you have additional questions please visit our FAQ or Contact Us.   And of course, here is a link to our shop, so you don’t have to scroll up to the top of the page!